Brilliant High-Tech Personalization of that Special Award or Plaque

For individuals selected as the recipient of a special recognition plaque award, the celebration is a special moment that will create fond memories for a lifetime. Receiving an award dedicated to your success, due to a special gift or talent you possess, is an occasion most in attendance will never forget. It adds to the delight when that special award is dedicated specifically to you with a personal inscription announcing your identity and specific achievement.


Custom Branding
Custom branding is the method in which individual personalization can be placed upon recognition plaques. Depending on the type of material and placement location of information, a variety of different specialized tools may be used to accomplish the task. Available are methods like chemical etch, 3D laser, hand carving, water jet, digital print, laser burn, molding-casting, embedments, screen print and CO2 laser for adding personal information on the item. The technology used varies depending on the material and special procedure for each product. Having a custom personalization embedded on your award or plaque will ensure you are always associated with the accomplishment for which it represents.

Personalized Color
A distinct color, or group of colors, selected for a specific award will make a profound statement related to the achievement itself. Certain colors can represent an accomplishment or achievement attained be the recipient. Special colors used in combination with branding or printing can also in part or entirely define the moment, location or level for which the reward represents. Also, colors can be implemented for personalization as a background, lettering, logos, or base color. Whatever the texture, shade or color used related to the personalization of the award, it will announce a profound statement about the recipient to everyone.

Recipient Name
We have all seen our own name in print a million times. However, nothing compares to seeing your own name professionally engraved as a beautiful symbol upon an award or plaque for an achievement or accomplishment completed. The feeling of achievement is overwhelming when receiving an award bearing your own name as a perfectly shining emblem of success.

Special Logo
Another very notable feature for personalizing an award is the inclusion of a special logo associated with the occasion. For most, the logo may represent a school, company, military rank or achievement, financial status, skill, trade or talent. There are a host of other custom logos and designs which can be beautifully engraved or placed within or upon an award to deliver a distinguished charm and character to the relic.

The variety of personalization choices is nearly endless. For those receiving recognition awards with their own name, style and logo, the item itself will define the accomplishment in a personal way to cherish throughout life.