Why Engraved Awards and Gifts Can Be So Important

It isn’t who deserves recognition that counts, it’s how they earned it. It could be a community member whose efforts have truly improved situations for others, or maybe an employee who is willingness to go beyond the call of duty improved the company’s bottom line. What matters is when people are willing to go out of their way to improve things for others, that effort deserves to be publicly recognized with an award that carries their name and reasons for the honor.

The efforts and good deeds of a single individual often have wide-reaching effects that can inspire others to do things they might not otherwise have the courage or confidence to attempt. It could even be a group of people, all working towards the same goal. For example, several apartment dwellers that band together to “clean up” their building and surrounding area. Then their effort spirals outward and mobilizes and entire city block to do the same, improving life for everyone in the area.

Considerations for The Perfect Engraving

There is a lot to take into account when a decision is made to order an engraved award or gift. Image is all-important, and the first glance should inspire pride even before the words are read. Then there are the expectations of the person receiving the honor to consider, and generally a budget to work with as well. The perfect engraving is not glaringly obvious, but rather quietly stylish instead. Understated elegance typically offers a much greater first impression.

Crystal or glass are excellent materials to work with. Either one presents the right image and both take well to the laser engraving process. Or, one can use sand etching that goes deeper into the material. Both methods are acceptable ways to add a message or image to glass or crystal that lasts forever. Rather than printed words or images that will fade or flake over the years, etching or engraving makes them timeless.

Laser Engraving Is a Delicate Art Requiring Skill and Patience

Accurate laser engraving on glass or crystal takes real talent, skill and patience. However, when the artist has all three, results can be outstanding. This method is a popular choice due to the speed and efficiency laser machines are able to work making laser-engraved awards much more affordable than they would be otherwise. However, this process can take a toll on delicate material if the engraver doesn’t follow proper procedures.

Quality can be inconsistent in the hands of the unskilled because the laser technique tends to fracture the surface of crystal or other delicate material and produce uneven patterns. 3D designs are also more difficult to produce for the same reason. Then again, in the hands of a skilled professional, laser engraving is still the most affordable way to date in working with glass or crystal to produce the kind of sharply defined work that makes it so popular.

The Versatility of Sand Carving

Sand carving is considered the most versatile way of engraving. This is accomplished by using compressed air to direct streams of an abrasive, sand-like substance directly onto the surface of the glass. Using a stencil for guidance, this method wears down the targeted area to produce the kind of high-quality designs it is known for. However, sand carving can be very time consuming, and therefore not as cost-effective as other methods.

Once given, an award is forever and appearances do count. Whether laser engraving or sand etching is chosen for images, the end result is going to be permanent. Careful thought before making a decision on which technique to use, guarantees the kind of results one can live with. Watching as the recipient of a well-done award proudly carries it away is more than worth any extra time it may take to ensure that moment is as perfect as possible.