Bringing Ideas and Visions of a Recognition Award to Life

Ordering a specially made plaque award manufactured by a professional company can bring a delight to the individual or team for which it is constructed. Beginning with the design phase and all the way through to completion, you can behold the skill and craftsmanship required to bring your vision to reality. A design expert with the proper experience and skill can help deliver perfection to your plans.

For those with a vision of a well crafted item of beauty, finding assistance in refining their design can be somewhat intimidating. Anyone without professional design experience often will lack the knowledge and experience of pulling everything together for a good outcome like size, dimension, color, tone, highlights, personalization and the best materials to name a few. Today’s design specialists use the latest technology, data and experience to provide the consumer with a stunning preview of the completed product. They can offer changes or alterations that benefit the overall appearance of the award, plaque or specialty item. Consulting the staff in the design department is the first step to seeing your plans become a reality.

After the design phase is complete, the process of creating the actual piece can begin. Depending on the materials chosen, the forging of the item typically can be completed without delay. Conducting the forging process correctly is important for many reasons, mainly due to being the base structure of the award or plaque. It is vital it be done properly to prevent defects, stress fractures or other problems as the production continues. Any special colors or characteristics also needed during the forging process will be included using the latest technology.

Surface Finish
After the forging process is complete, there may be more colors or texture added to most recognition awards before proceeding with the polishing phase. Depending upon the type of material, there may also be detailed inscribing, painting or special sculpting conducted with the item at this time. Upon completion of the previous step, the task of polishing can begin. High tech industrial polishing will add strength to the item while diminishing imperfections with the exterior of the structure itself. The final step of the polishing phase is to bring the surface material to a refined perfection.

As the award, plaque or trophy nears the end of its production journey, personal data and special words or logos can be added. Inscribing names, dates, phrases, logos or small sketches and scenery will highlight the meaning of the award for the individual or team set to receive the item.

Recognition plaques having undergone professional design, production and personalization will bring an immeasurable and stunning compliment to any recipient.