Design Methods for crystal awards and recognition plaques

There are a number of different design methods that are used for creating crystal awards and recognition plaques. Creating an award product is like creating an icon; it needs to stand out, look good and should really capture the sanctity of the award that is being given out. As a result, there are numerous design methods that are used for creating crystal awards. Here are some of the design methods used at Custom Virtual Designs:Award Design Methods

Hand Sketches

This is the preliminary sketch that is roughly drawn on a piece of paper, which depicts the type and shape of the award that will later be created. Commonly, an artist will sit down with the customer who has an image in their mind about the type of award that they want, and will then create a preliminary concept of the type of award. Hand sketches are often preferred as they give a basic direction to the type of award that is going to be constructed.

Line Drawings

Once the original hand sketch has been approved, things get slightly more serious as the rough drawing is broken down in to different dimensions, and finer details are added in the form of line drawings. Of course, the customer is deeply involved in the process, and gets to choose whether the design is up to their liking or not. Line drawings are added by professional artists, who carefully measure the concept and create a visual in their minds about the type of award before going ahead with the final design. Line drawings supplement the original hand sketch and are used to create a finer idea of the original design.

Virtual Mockups

Before purchasing any type of crystal award or recognition plaque, it is important to realize how the finished product might look. With the help of professional software programs, virtual mockups are created with the help of professional designers and artists in order to give the customer a clear idea of how the final product might look after completion. After taking the information from the consumer, a virtual mockup is created which shows the finalized design in graphic detail!

Art Proofs

Another design method is the use of art proofs. Art proofs are sent to the consumer depicting the information that we have received, as well as our interpretation of that information. Art proofs can help the consumer decide whether picture that they had in their mind was successfully conveyed to the artists and designers or not. Once approval is received, only then will the work move to the next stage.

CAD Renderings

There are numerous projects that require very high attention to detail and a lot of high precision work. Using the latest computed animated design software programs, we can create proper renderings for customers which depict the whole crystal award in complete 3D, allowing you to analyze the finalized product from different angles.

CAD Animation

CAD Animation is used when customers aren’t satisfied with the drawings or the overall picture of the awards, and are instead looking for a finalized product that they can view in complete 360 degrees. With the help of top of the line animation software, we will create a full 360 rendering of the type of award that you want, and then animate it for full 360 degrees viewing.

Hand Modeling

One of the most artistic methods of designing crystal awards and recognition plaques, hand modeling is highly detailed work, and with the help of a customized mold, our designers will create a hand model that you can view up close in order to get an idea of the finished product in your hands!